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SEAL-N-KILL TMInterchangeable Antimicrobial Barriers:
A Public Service Product

Potential Markets

Homes, apartments, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, dormitories, Commercial facilities,Industrial facilities medical facilities, cars, buses, modular homes, boats and more.


FASST Seals - Entrance doors, garage doors, electrical outlets, water pipes and drains
SEAL-N-KILL - Push plates, door handles, chair rails, bed rails, appliance handles and other frequently touched surfaces


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Benefits - Our products benefit everyone involved!

Benefits for the End User
Customer peace of mind knowing they are getting effective, safe, environmentally friendly products with proven residual activity that are safe for the entire family including their pets.

Benefits for our distributors and PCO's
Multi-Product System where each product is: Easy to Understand; Easy to Explain; Easy to Sell; Easy to Install; and Easy to Replace. Can now offer to your clients new, unique, effective green products that are easy to sell and easily replaceable on a scheduled basis - generating additional and recurring revenues.

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